Information Center
The Archive / Library include a large collection of testimonials and witness records of Palmach members, gathered from various sources. In addition, the Archive contains personal collections of Palmach members that were donated by their families. Other material, collected from various sources, is stored in press files and containers. Containers provide information about numerous subjects, such as: the War of Independence, Palmach operations and campaigns, Palmach units, the various Hachsharot (groups of young men and women from youth movements that joined the Palmach) and other subjects. The Archive also contains the personal files of Palmach members, a collection of maps from the time of the British Mandate and War of Independence. Also available in the Archive / Library room are facilities for viewing video films / DVDs. Another important collection in the Archive is composed of DVD discs with raw material from which movies were edited by the Ohalei Palmach Association. These discs can only be viewed in the library. If necessary, copies of entire discs or specific segments can be provided by the Ohalei Palmach Association. Archive personnel: Dr. Eldad Harouvi and Yardena Virov. The library and archive are located on the second floor of the new Palmach House building.

Opening hours:
Sunday through Thursday, from 8:00 to 15:30.
Archive telephones: 972-3-6437470,
Fax: 972-3-6437524,
cellular: 972-522-974616

The Palmach Archive is part of the Ministry of Defense's IDF Archives.

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