Even though it was common knowledge that Palmach women were equal to Palmach men, historical facts indicate that their status and roles were disputed throughout Palmach existence.

Women had already enlisted in the past; therefore, upon the establishment of the Palmach on 15.5.1941, they felt it was their right to enlist. Women's roles in the Palmach were constantly under revision.
Only a few women enlisted at first and their membership was concealed from the British, but once the Hagana accepted it, the number of enlisted women grew and reached a squad in each platoon, where they trained together with the men.
In 1943, women gathered to discuss their status, roles and training in the Brigade. Upon implementation of the Hachsharot agreement' (1944) the number of women enlisting in the Palmach grew, and reached nearly a third of Brigade enlisters. Female members of the 'Hachsharot' (groups of young men and women who joined the Palmach, some of them from youth movements), believing in equality between the sexes, served in both auxiliary and operational roles: a minority in operational-combat roles, and the majority in combat support or remote support roles. Women in the Palmach served in a wide range of roles: operational - combat, reconnaissance and sabotage; professional- 'Gidions'- wireless operators, medical personnel, welfare and logistics; administration- secretaries, cooks and instructors. Women served as junior officers and from 1943 participated in platoon commander courses.
During the struggle, women participated in combat operations, primarily in Illegal Immigration operations. The War of Independence brought about changes in circumstances that sharpened the focus on women in combat roles on the one hand, yet on the other hand gave new significance to the roles of women close to the front (in outposts and army posts). Women were more affected by the process of the dismantling of the Palmach and its integration into the I.D.F than the men.
Their most significant contribution is evident in the unique Palmach way of life.

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