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The Central Front

The War of Independence was conducted on all fronts in Israel. On the Central Front the principal battles were fought in the Jerusalem area.

The War of Independence of the Jewish population of Eretz Israel broke out on the morrow of the United Nations decision, 29.11.1948, owing to the opposition of the Arab population to partitioning the country into Jewish and Arab states.
The war was fought throughout the entire country. On the Central front most of the fighting was conducted in the Jerusalem area.
Fierce battles were fought for the conquest and liberation of Jerusalem (the battle for Sheikh Jarach, the conquest of Katamon, Augusta Victoria, the Kastel battle.) and also the fierce fighting on the Jerusalem road (the transport problem, the Burma Road breakthrough.).
The Nachshon operation on the 3-5 April 1948 was the turning point. The principal objective of the operation was breaking through and lifting the siege on Jerusalem.
The Palmach fighters fought relentlessly in order to defend the Gush Etzion settlements. A number of convoys with supplies and reinforcements were sent to the Gush Etzion settlers but only a few reached their destination. Other campaigns took place in the Latrun area: the Danny Campaign, the Bin-Nun Campaign and the Yoram Campaign.

The 'Altalena' Affair
Convoy Escorts "Zehavi" and "The Formans"
Yazur Operation
The Lewinsky Hill operation
Defense of the Israel National fund building
The defense of Gush-Ezion
Halamed Hey - The Mountain Platoon
The battle of the Qastel
Highway transport crisis
The Nabi Daniel Convoy
The Hulda Convoy
Operation "Nachshon"
The occupation of the village of Colonia
Operation "Harel"
The occupation of the Arab village of Saris
Operation "Yevusi"
Conquering of Katamon (the San-Simone Battle)
The Battle of Nabi Samuel
The Battle of the Radar Site
The Occupation of Sheikh Jarach
The battle of Augusta Victoria
The Final Battle of Gush Ezion
Operation Maccabi (Stage1)
The Occupation of Sha'ar-hagay (Bab-El-Wad)
The Occupation of Beit Mahsir
Operation "Maccabi" (Stage2)
The breakthrough to the Old City of Jerusalem
The Ramat Rachel Battles
The Latrun Battles
Burma Road Breakthrough
Operation "Dani"
The Mountain Operation
The Battle for Gezer

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