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The Nabi Daniel Convoy

Towards the end of March, 1948, a convoy was sent from the lowland to the besieged Gush Ezion. It included 35 provision trucks and was escorted by 12 Palmach 5th Battalion armored vehicles. Convoy commander, Zvi Zamir and 6th Battalion fighters and armored vehicles joined the convoy in Jerusalem together with 4 more buses carrying reinforcements from the Jerusalem 'Chish' (Field Combat Corps) unit to replace the 'Chish' platoon that had been in Gush-Ezion for the last 4 weeks.

On the 26.3.48, Mishal Sacham, general staff convoy coordinator, led the convoy safely to Jerusalem. Meanwhile at Gush-Ezion, an unloading team was assigned to each of the trucks, so that the entire unloading would take only 15 minuets.
The convoy was scheduled to leave Gush-Ezion at 04:00 Am, and while the teams unloaded the trucks, 4 armored vehicles would prevent the Arabs from laying roadblocks on the road leading to Beth- Lehem. A light aircraft would escort the convoy and a rescue force would be posted in Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. The convoy was scheduled to arrive in Jerusalem before first light.
It was divided into 3 groups:
Spearhead: 4 armored vehicles and a ו'פורץ-מחסומים' , led by force commander, Aryeh Teper.
The main body of the convoy: 33 armored trucks with 2 drivers each; 4 buses of Chish members and their commander, Avraham Tamir. 6 escort armored vehicles, including the command vehicle of Mishal Shacham and Zvi Zamir, were scattered amongst the trucks.
The rearguard: 4 armored vehicles (including the escort unit) and a towing vehicle.
The convoy included the sum total of 51 vehicles. The convoy's departure was delayed due to technicalities and not many were happy to join it once Mishal Shachcm revealed the convoy's destination and the risks involved.

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