> The War of Independence and the different fronts > The Central Front > Operation "Dani"
> The War of Independence > The War of Independence and the different fronts > The Central Front > Operation "Dani"

Operation "Dani" – The western sector

Operation "Dani" in the western sector.

On the night of the 10th of July the 1st Battalion conquered the Arab village Anaba.
Operations on July 10th 1948:
The 33rd Battalion (Alexandroni Brigade) conquered Rantiya and Vilhelma; 89th Battalion (8th Brigade) conquered Tira and Kula. Force from 82nd and 44th Battalions conquered Lod's airport and the villages Yahudiya and Dir-Tarif (later on, the Arab legion attacked Dir Tarif and the 82nd Battalion retreated. The 1st Battalion conquered Gimzo and Kfar Daniel.
On the night of the 11th of July a joining was executed with Ben Shemen that was under siege. A deception attack on Ramleh was a failure. The 89th Battalion conquered Sheikh-Ali out-posts.
Operation s On 11th to 13th of July in Lod-Ramleh Section:
On 11th of July the 3rd Battalion started a violent patrol against Lod and got pin down by a local forces. In the afternoon the 89th Battalion broke into Lod and shots some targets. The 3rd Battalion took advantage of the shock caused by the 89th Battalion, broke in and took control of the center of the city.
On the 12th of July Ramleh surrendered without any battle to the 3rd Battalion and Kiryati Brigade. Attempt for resistance in Lod were depressed by Yiftach Brigade. Most of the Arab residents escaped or expelled.
Force from Yiftach Brigade conquered the Arab village Hadita.
Force from the 82nd and 44th Battalions conquered Dir-Tarif but failed to conquer Beit-Naballa.
In an Operation that started on the night of the 12th of July and ended on the 14th of July, the 32nd Battalion (Alexandroni Brigade) conquered Rosh Ha'ayin (Operation Betek). The Arab legion executed several attacks but they all got warded off.

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